Table Top Decor

Table Top Decor
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Anchor - Cast Iron - Black

length:2.25 in5.71 cmheight:3 in7.62 cmcube:0.00weight:0.10 lb0.05 kgmaterial:cast iron..


Articulated Skeleton - Cast Iron - Natural

length:11.50 inwidth:3 inheight:1.50 inweight:1.20 lbmaterial:cast iron..


Bellman Card Holder - Cast Iron

length:5.50 in13.97 cmwidth:4 in10.16 cmheight:9 in22.86 cmcube:0.01weight:5.25 lb2.38 kgmaterial:ca..


Ben - Cast Iron Figurine

length:1.25 inwidth:1.50 inheight:4.50 incube:0.00material:cast iron..


Dice - Cast Iron - Set of 2 - Natural-white

length:1.75 inwidth:1.75 inheight:1.75 incube:0.00weight:0.90 lbmaterial:cast iron..


Giant Jack - Cast Iron - Black

length:6 in15.24 cmwidth:6 in15.24 cmheight:4.50 in11.43 cmcube:0.00weight:2.30 lb1.04 kgmaterial:ca..


Good Luck Horse Shoe - Cast Iron - Rust

length:4.25 inwidth:0.50 inheight:4 incube:0.00material:cast iron..


Hand - Cast Iron - Black

The Cast Iron Hand makes a great decoration on a desk, counter, or table. Its black finish with bron..


Lock - Cast Iron - Natural

Add style to your security measures with the Cast Iron Lock and Key. Fully functional, this lock add..


Olivia Cast Iron Figurine

length:1.25 inwidth:1.50 inheight:4.50 incube:0.00material:cast iron..


Sea Star - Cast Iron - Antique White

The  Cast Iron Sea Star is hand painted antique white. With subtle textural and structural deta..


Skull - Moveable Jaw - Natural

length:4 inwidth:3.50 inheight:4 incube:0.00weight:2.20 lbmaterial:cast iron..


Skull, No Jaw - Natural

length:4 inwidth:4.50 inheight:4.50 inmaterial:cast iron..


St. Francis - Cast Iron

cube:0.00weight:2.80 lbsize (us):8x2material:cast iron..