Stylish and Practical Accessories that Say “Eco-Friendly”


Welcome to our Accessories department, where you will find a variety of additions to your home décor and wardrobe that are ingeniously crafted from re-purposed materials by crafts people from all over the world.

Hand woven baskets are older than civilization itself, with some finds dating back 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. In fact, since the natural materials used to make them naturally decay over time, it’s impossible to know just how long ago our ancestors began making them. Here at Stylish Ecohome, you will find wonderful examples of this ancient craft:

  • More beautiful creations from the Wolof women of Senegal. These woven laundry baskets are hand woven from recycled plastic and cattail stalks. They make a great complement to our laundry hampers.
  • Or check out our set of baskets woven from tough elephant grass by artisans from Ghana. You will find all kinds of uses for these simple, elegant creations.

Sometime in the distant past,a clever person decided to add a sling to the basket and the tote was born.  We have several examples of how talented workers make use of re-purposed material to create beautiful works of art:

  • The huipil (pronounced Wee-peel) is Spanish for the traditional garment worn by indigenous woman in Mexico and Central America. From Guatemala we present elegant handbags made from these lovely recycled blouses.
  • LAS Azulinas is a small company based in EL Salvador which produces handbags characterized by their indigo color. Hand-made from 100% cotton, these elegant handbags make a quiet statement of your support for fair trade products made from natural materials.
  • Of course, we don’t want to encourage the use of plastic except where it’s necessary (such as medical supplies). But the fact is it’s found everywhere on our planet, and part of green living is to find uses for discarded plastic to keep it out of our oceans and landfills. Our recycled plastic totes are made by differently-abled artisans in Chennai, India and are both earth-friendly and supportive of fair trade for those who might otherwise not be able to find work.
  • Or you can see how recycled tires and leather can find new life in stylish clutchs from El Salvador.

We know you will find something here at Stylish Ecohome that catches your eye, inspires your love of hand crafted beauty, and lives up to your commitment to a greener, safer planet for all.