Organic, Natural and Eco Friendly Gifts for Your Animal Friends

Time for a new bed?


Your pet is an important member of the family, a source of companionship and joy and – no matter how domesticated- an ambassador to the natural environment. Our pets are of course animal members of the family; they are the descendants of wild creatures who found their natural niche long before human beings appeared on the planet. And today, while they maintain most of the instincts of their ancestors, they are also evolved to live in the human world and in some ways contribute to the environmental footprint as much as we do.

At Stylish Ecohome we know our customers want to take advantage of the growing number of eco-friendly pet products on the market and we are committed to finding the best suppliers to meet the demand.  We offer dog beds (which often magically turn into cat beds at our house) by White Lotus. Made in the USA, these stylish pet beds are made from 100% natural cotton by the same company that supplies our beautiful bed sets.

Stylish Ecohome is also proud to offer products from Earth Animal, a Pennsylvania Dutch country USA manufacturer who since 1981 has produced eco-friendly and natural animal food, supplements, and grooming aids.

We continue to work on our pet products department and will be updating frequently as we find suppliers who meet our customers standards for quality and environmental impact. So, check back often for new products here and in all the environmentally friendly departments at Stylish Ecohome.