Enhance the peace and tranquility of your garden with beautiful accents and décor from Stylish Ecohome.


The garden is that part of the home where you can interact with the natural environment in a positive way while still creating a quiet restful space for both humans and their animal friends.  Whether it’s cultivating native plants, designing a water-wise garden or creating a sanctuary for birds, your passion for an eco-friendly outdoors will find its best expression here at Stylish Ecohome.

We invite you to browse our selection of garden décor to find unique outdoor sculpture. Here you will find beautiful art objects crafted from recycled metal. These delightful figures are made by Kenyan artisans and will add to the beauty of any garden style.

For the patio we have stylish hand-woven willow baskets. Willows are strong and flexible and the natural kink in each stem gives tightness and resilience to the finished product. Great for indoor or outdoor areas protected from rain, these baskets are a great addition to your outdoor design. You can find more beautiful baskets in our Bedroom and Accessories departments.

After a day’s hard work in the garden, sit back and relax in these stylish and comfortable deck chairs. Our Dakar chairs are woven with reclaimed plastic twine by Kenyan crafts persons.

We know our customers love the natural beauty of our planet and every day they make decisions based on their commitment to be good shepherds of the environment. At Stylish Ecohome you will find like-minded friends who will help make those choices easy and fun.